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We believe in non-intrusive enquiries respecting privacy of people.

We resort to mild communications rather aggressive ways of convincing. This is respected by most candidates who seek our fair guidance and counseling for their career charting by searching alternate employments.

1st Contact with professionals / candidate mostly happens due to -

Word of mouth references by past hired professionals Publishing at various media including Print , Web, Social Networks Polite & Non-intrusive non-spam emails / text messages.


All such communications are necessarily non-luring and non-compulsive kind respecting the privacy and freedom of professional to take their own decisions of whether or not to respond. Its only after we receive a positive response from any such potential professionals about their intention to change, we initiate our efforts to support them in their own decisions.

In situations where we find better prospects for the professionals at the same employment than the future opportunity we have at hand, we transparently sound the professionals accordingly. This anchors the candidate with us irrespective of plans to change their jobs.

In typical pre-screening process we note the job-skills & soft skills of professionals check for stated / unstated reasons for seeking a change, reference on family & social background and compensation change sought. On taking a holistic view of the candidate need for change, we take the case further for exploring career options for the professional.

Softspin has done enough off-shore jobs and technology development themselves. We understand the issues involved in forming a delivery team to give the output in desired timeframes.

Giving a technical delivery and to make a techie feel comfortable to interact with us.

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