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Alternate Models of Recruitment & Staffing

   Contract Placements
  Permanent Placements  
  Contract-to-Permanent Placements  
  Train to Deliver  
Softspin provides its clients with greater flexibility by offering a choice of alternative methods to hire and retain delivering personnel.


A) Contract Placements - This option is designed to provide the Softspin client with IT professionals who remain on Softspin’s roll and are designed to work on client projects in accordance with the client’s requirements. Once selected by a client, IT professionals work on-site according to the schedules and instructions to the end user.

For contract placements, work performed by Softspin is billed on an hourly basis at monthly or bi-monthly intervals. The client is not required to bear any of the costs or inconveniences associated with the relocation of personnel. Further, Softspin bears all costs and responsibilities relating to employees, including taxes, insurance, and benefits.

B) Permanent Placements - This option allows the softspin client to directly hire the candidate. Under this alternative, Softspin is paid one-time fees upon placement of the selected candidate. The fees range from 10 % through 25 % of the employee's first-year salary, depending upon the nature of the position and the number of candidates recruited. Softspin handles all of the inconveniences associated with immigration processing and the transfer of personnel to the US. The client bears the costs and responsibilities for personnel, including health benefits.

C) Contract-to-Permanent Placements - This option involves personnel who are initially hired by the client on a contract basis, with the understanding that they will become to-permanent basis. It allows companies to put qualified personnel onto a project immediately by contracting them through Softspin. The personnel can then revert to permanent employees as and when the customer is satisfied with the performance and wish to hire him/her permanently. This option can be exercised only on mutual financial understanding of client and Softspin.

D) Train to Deliver – Softspin with internal experts can configure & deliver customized technical workshops. These workshops can be domain / development platform specific and greatly help project authorities to get early delivery out of new entrants. Softspin has been conducting such technical workshops on critical areas like Unix, PERL, Web-Technologies, OO Technologies, Automated Software Testing, Oracle and many others. Depth in technology applications from Softspin brings a unique uncommon dimension to Softspin’s Staffing Solutions. Softspin also extends technical assessment support to customers.

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